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If you would like to become a vendor, please visit the 'Applications' tab above. 

NOTE TO ALL VENDORS: Our 2022 event received a lot of great feedback from our vendors! This year, we have made several changes to the event as a whole and have taken all your comments into consideration.

VENDOR REQUIREMENTS: This is first and for most a music festival. Please be aware that there will be music and it can get loud. Also, this is primarily an out door event. We will not cancel unless weather conditions are unsafe (not just uncomfortable). We do our best to accommodate our vendors and appreciate you all very much!

VENDOR RULES, REGULATIONS, AND REQUIREMENTS: In order to present a well run festival, we need to have rules in place for everyone involved and we need to enforce those rules. General Vendor Terms apply to all vendors. The terms are as follows:

1: All vendors must be equipped to vend outdoors.

(must have tent with sides to protect from elements. Tents must be staked down or anchored to weights)

2: All vendors must provide their own materials. 

(Including tent(s), table(s), chair(s), worker(s), supplies, power-generator if needed etc.)

3: All vendors must be set up and ready to operate by vendor start time.

4: All vendors must stay open ready to operate until vendor end time.

5: Clean, family friendly materials only. 

(nothing with derogatory, profane, illegal, unhealthy, or satanic content or behavior)

6: Vendors must be prepared for potentially loud music of various genre's.

(We try to position vendors in the best way possible to get your booth exposure and allow you to conduct business well. However, unavoidable circumstances can arise making your position closer to the music of the festival which results in loader music.)

7: All vendors must maintain a respectful demeanor. 

(We all have our own opinions and feelings, but in order to participate in Bridge City, everyone must be respectful while attending. This includes respecting our volunteer team, camp authorities and amenities, and all participants.)

8: All vendors are individually responsible to obtain and hold up-to-date permits for sale/operation (as applicable) 

(All vendors must have proofs on them at the event should staff ask to verify)

9: Good, clear communication is expected by all vendors. "No call no shows" will not be permitted back.

10: The vendor is responsible to check Bridge City's Facebook and/or Website for any cancelations due to unsafe weather etc.

11: Bridge City Music Festival, Camp Chicagami, and any other affiliates can not be held liable for any lost, stolen or damaged items. It is each vendors individual responsibility to keep watch and care over their items at all times.)

12: Handicap accommodations can be made upon request.

(Inside vending spots are reserved for handicapped vendors and helpers. There is a limited amount of handicapped spaces which will be distributed first come first served.)

13: Vendor Parking will be in the general parking field unless specifically arrange with our vendor manager at time of acceptance.

(Vendors will need a cart/means to transport items from their vehicle to and from  their booth. Vendors who have a trailer or who are camping will be aloud to make special accommodations with our vendor manager at acceptance)

14: Vendor Camping is available for an additional donation fee of $10.00 to all vendors.

(Those camping must arrive Friday night and leave Sunday morning. Only vendors who are choosing to camp may set up their booth Friday night should they choose. This must be arrange through our vendor manager)

15: Bridge City Music Festival is welcoming a new vendor manager this year. Her information will be provided to you at acceptance or via an update communication on or after May 25th 2023)

16: All vendors will receive a vendor number and are responsible to remember it for the event. 



Sponsors 2022

Gold Sponsors:

Thrivent Financial

Legacy Church

Silver Sponsors

Joel Seibel Animation

Dylan Pertovich - Sidelines 

Pure Gospel Network

Crossroads Convenience

F & D Meats 


Holiday Station Stores



Celebrate Recovery

Booth # CB17

 Celebrate Recovery

Cook Celebrate Recovery is a non-profit organization ran in cooperative effort between The Cook Covenant Church and First Baptist Church. This booth will feature literature with information regarding their ministry and family friendly game(s) for all to partake in!

Range Parents

Booth # CB02

Range Parents is a Non-Profit Under Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota offering parent support groups, Circle of Security parenting courses, and one on one parent and family support services. This booth will feature information on their services and more!


Booth # CB03

Oh No! Eighteen

Booth # CB04

Oh No! Eighteen is a program under Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota for teens and young adults, ages 13-22, who have experienced foster care. Participants get to work one on one with their case worker and participate in Independent Living Skills groups learning what they need to successfully transition into living independently. 


Booth # CB05

Range Mental Health Center

Booth # CB06