Welcome to The FREE Kid's Adventure Area!!!

Treistman Family - Kids Club

Treistman Family - Kids Club

Welcome to Olcott Park's Playground!

Welcome to Olcott Park's Playground!

Kids Adventure Zone Schedule

12:30pm -Kids Races (Prizes awarded by age!)

1:30pm -Water balloons!

2:30pm -Magic Show

3:30pm -Kids Races (Prizes awarded by age!)

4:30pm -Magic Show

5:30pm -Iron Range 4th Annual Cheese Toss Competition!

6:30pm Kids Sing along!

There will be face-painting, balloon animals, crafts and random games going on all day long.

All times are approximate and subject to  change.

     For the second year in a row, we are happy to offer a special fun area for children.  This year, to go with our switch to outdoors, we are calling it the Kid's Adventure Area.  Hosted by Dan and Priscilla Triestman, this area will have games and fun for children from ages 5-12 years of age as well as the playground which has fun for children and adults of all ages.

     Dan and his wife Priscilla head up a ministry called Kid's Club, an outreach of Virginia Bible Chapel, located at 600  7th Ave W in Virginia.  They gather Tuesday evenings from 5-7pm and children ages 5-12 are welcome.  They have a meal, games and a lesson time that is both engaging and entertaining for all the kids.  Come check it out.

     Dan and Priscilla also are very involved with Storybook Lodge in Gilbert MN.  Looking for a place to dump your children for a few weeks this summer? How about Storybook Lodge Christian Camp? We have full range of camping activities for the whole family!: 

     Father/Son retreat 

    Junior Camps for kids 8-13

    Teen Camps for youth up to 19 

    Girls' Only Camp 

    Family Camps  

    For more information click the image below.

Storybook Lodge

Storybook Lodge