'Holy Board' Cornhole Tournament Fundraiser

'Holy Board' Cornhole Tournament Fundraiser

2023 'Holy Board' Cornhole tournament Fundraiser

First Annual 'Holy Board' Tourney

10 Teams will go head to head in this double elimination tournament!

We still have openings for teams and volunteers. The first game kicks off at 11am Saturday!

If you would like to compete, please scroll to the "Registration" section below to contact us. 

If you are interested in volunteering to help run the event, please click the link below to fill out a volunteer form. 

Rules and Guidelines 


How to play: 

Team of 2 with team members on opposite boards. 

Team members face each other. 

All 8 bags start on the same side. 

Foul line cannot be stepped on or crossed. 

The winner of a coin flip or rock, paper, scissors picks bag color and tosses first. 

Players alternate throws until no bags remain. 

Play continues on alternating side until 1 team has reached a score of 21. 


3 points in hole, 1 point on the board. 

Subtraction rules: 

Ex. Blue has two in the hole for 6 points, red has two on the board for 2 points. Blue gets 4 points on the        tower, and honors to throw first. 

Race to 21. You do not have to hit it on the head. You do not go backwards for any reason

Dirty bags to not count. 

Bags that bounce on are dirty bags. Bags thrown out of turn are dirty bags. If you cross the foul line, it is a dirty bag. If the bag lands halfway on/ halfway off, gently lift the bottom of the board. If it stays on it counts, but it if slides off it is a dirty bag. 

If you are called to a board and do not show up within 10 minutes, it is assumed that you have left and you are eliminated. 

Winners move on to the next round. 

Losers move to the loser bracket for double elimination.


To register your team, please call or text Kate at 218-750-0120 or email us at bridgecitymusicfestival@gmail.com.