Bridge City Music Festival is a DBA of Pure Gospel Network out of Duluth. Minnesota

History of Bridge City Music Festival 

Bridge City Music Festival was founded, and is maintained, with the intention of bridging gaps within the community. We use music as the footpath and the grace and love of Christ as the supports. We are non-denominational, non-traditional, and non-judgmental. Our hope is that people of all walks of life would feel welcome, enjoy some awesome music with a professional show, and meet incredible people in the process! Bridge City Music Festival is a family friendly, alcohol and substance free event. 2024 will mark our 8th year as an organization!



Chris Mammenga

Stage Manager

Chris brings a wide array of experience as an artist, spiritual leader, and stage manager. 

Roles: Committee Chair, Stage Manager

Secretary & Treasurer

Martha and Mike Tifft

Martha is our amazing secretary/treasurer and her husband, Mike serves on our executive board with her as our clergy. 

Vice Chair

David Saranen

Joining the committee in January 2023, Dave brings a wealth of knowllege, experience and expertise! 

Lana Morrow


Lana serves as committee chair and community outreach.