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| Children's Adventure Area

| WHEELS Car Show

| RPG Gaming Area

Kid's Adventure Ares Features


Bridge City Music Festival Features Overview

Bridge Children's Adventure Area

Face Painting booths available for kiddos to get their face painted! 

Balloon Animals made and distributed to children who would like one. 

Kids Tattoos available at a booth in our children's area for little ones who would like to give a fake tattoo a try! 

Stickers distributed to children who would like one! 

Craft Area there will be a crafting area for children to participate in making their very own DIY creations! 


BOUCE HOUSES will be available for the enjoyment of the kiddos attending the children's area! 

And More!


Amanda Reed

Children's Area Leader and Planner

Amanda is the Director at Milestones and Virginia Drop In Daycare in Virginia, MN


The Triestman Family

Children's area Leaders and Planners

The Triestman Family have been involved with putting together our Children's area since we began. We could not have started it without them. 


Wheels Car Show

 WHEELS was introduced to Bridge City by Guy Anderson, the Bridge City Music Festival founder, in 2021. 

The show is open to all Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Jeeps, Motorcycles, Trucks, and Classic Cars.

Registration will be available just prior to the event start time, and in advance by clicking the link below, or emailing 

Wheels Car Show (Info below)

Introduced in 2021 by board member, Guy Anderson, Wheels has become a fast favorite. Wheels was designed to be a fundraiser for Bridge City Music Festival, but is FREE to attend and participate it. Donation will be accepted by those who feels compelled to do so. Guy often jokes 'Newboys 2027' in hopes that Wheels will grow large enough to invite the Newsboy in the future.