2023 entertainment line up




10:00 AM - Worship Team "Nate and Company"

12:00 PM - JellyPhish

2:00 PM - Lifted Hands

4:00 PM - Abraham Westlund

6:00 PM - Presence Music

8:00 PM - Indemnity of the Damned



11:00 AM - Josie Luke

1:00 PM - Joel Roberson

3:00 PM - Jazz Couch

5:00 PM - Pierre R Fulford

7:00 PM - Tru Serva

9:00 PM - Old Man Down



12:00 PM - Leah Fleetwood

1:00 PM - Jim Rogers

2:00 PM - Jaybird

3:00 PM - Dylan Wylde

4:00 PM - Steve Sokala's One Man Band





Local musician and nurse by day. I truely am so grateful for finding such a passion in music. With that, the goal is to always get smiles, especially to those having a hard time doing so!

Meet the Bands and Artists from 2022!

Here are the official set times and artist bios for 2022! 


Hip Hop Artist

Marcus Montana, known as TRU-SERVA to his music audience, is a passionate man whose mission is to help others find true life. You can see Tru-Serva perform at Bridge City Music Festival on Saturday, June 25th 2022 at 5:00pm on Stage 2 (the Gazebo).

Presence Music


Jesse Smith is a memeber of Presence Music, which is a faith-filled collection of artists from Duluth, MN. They are co-lead by industry veteran Jesse Paul Smith, who has worked with Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Channing Tatum. He has released an album produced by Cole Walowac of Capital Kings, and performed on stages nationally and internationally for over fifteen years. Presence Music was formed when co-lead vocalists Brandon and Leah Monson joined with Jesse and area worship veterans Dan and Cheri Gaylen and Nik Wourms to help believers find more hope and joy in God’s presence. As a group, they have opened for national Christian acts such as Stars Go Dim, Influence Music, I Am They, and “The Voice” Winner Jordan Smith. You will also find them routinely leading worship and speaking at large Christian camps, music festivals, and retreats all over the Midwest. Their mission as a band is to make it really hard to miss out on Jesus at any event they lead.


Jass Couch

R&B Spoken Word, Funk & Hip Hop

I have been singing, writing, and playing music for as long as I can remember, but I started releasing my original music at the end of 2019. I did covers on YouTube for quite some time, but it has always been a dream to pursue music and share my original work. My first project At the Close of a Decade was recorded on my iPad with my apple headphones. Music is something I'm really passionate about, so I found a way to make it happen. As a kid, I sang in the school/church choir and was heavily involved in band and orchestra. I learned to play the keyboard, flute, saxophone, viola, and during quarantine I started teaching myself the bass guitar. My music style is heavily influenced by my family and incorporates a lot of genres. I have a soulful, chill, eclectic, soft, yet powerful sound. With one project and a small EP out, I've constantly been working on new music since and cannot wait to share more with the world. *Temporary photo from Jass's Instagram page.

Nate & Ashlyn Thronson


Bridge City Music Festival is proud to announce the return of father-daughter duo, Nate and Ashlyn Thronson. Nate is also helping behind the scenes as one of our stage managers. Thank you, Nate and Ashlyn!

Steve Solkela/The Bad at math Quartet

Steve's "Overpopulated one-man band" is a mix of covers and comedy.

The Flying Finn from Palo MN! Steve can often be seen playing Accordion on a skateboard, tandem bike, stilts, or traveling the country with his 17 piece ensemble called -Steve's "Overpopulated" One-Man Band!-
He specializes in Minnesota Flavored Comedy Music; sure to bring a laugh to your life. He's all over Youtube, Facebook, and the new Tikkytok one with his Music, Comedy, and Stunts.
Steve studied Music at Rowan University out in New Jersey where he starred in several Operas and left that campus permanently scarred with his wacky antics.

Indemnity of the Damned

White Metal

Female fronted Christian Metal

Lifted Hands


Lifted Hands is a local praise and worship team.