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Donations to Bridge City Music Festival can be given by clicking on the above picture.  Be sure to look for the "Donate to Bridge City Music Festival" button on this page.  Thank you for your generosity.

Donations to Bridge City Music Festival can be given by clicking on the above picture. Be sure to look for the "Donate to Bridge City Music Festival" button on this page. Thank you for your generosity.

Bridge City Music Festival Policies and Procedures:

Bridge City Music Festival and all its committee members, planners, and volunteers are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. All those in participation do so at their own risk of exposure to COVID-19 and/or any other transmittable illness/disease.

Bridge City Music Festival takes place outdoors in Olcott Park of Virginia, MN. If the ground is looking to be too saturated the day of, or if hazardous weather is expected during the event, we will move the event in doors to the Iron Trail Event Center. This space is considerably smaller and will require adjustments that may effect which vendors, booths, and activities are able to be present during the event. Due to this, we will keep the event outdoors if at all possible. If there is a light mist, sprinkle, or light rain, we will keep the event outdoors. This is why we require all our vendors to have, at minimum, a tent with top cover. It is recommended that all vendors have a tent with walls as a top cover does not shield from wind and directional rain.

Our vendor and booth fees are considered non-refundable donations. In the event a vendor is not able to attend as planned, their fee will not be refunded. However, if a vendor is not able to be accommodated into the Iron Trail Event Center should the event need to be moved in doors, their vendor fee will be move to the next Bridge City Music Festival event to cover their participation then. If a vendor should not show up the day of the event and does not communicate with our vendor manager or vendor assistant as to why they were unable to attend, or if a vendor comes late or leaves early unpermitted, they will not be accepted to register at any Bridge City Music Festival Events going forward.

All food vendors are required to obtain a specific registered certification to vend in Virginia, MN. To obtain this certification, please contact the Virginia City Clerks office at 218-748-7500.


About Bridge City Music Festival 

Bridge City Music Festival is an annual community event held outdoors in beautiful Olcott Park in Virginia, MN. This event features FREE ADMISSION, a family friendly atmosphere with live clean music, various food and craft vendors, information booths linked to area resources, a children’s area loaded with activities for all ages, an RPG/Gaming area, and a Holey Board Tournament! Come bring the family for a great time! All are welcome! 

Bridge City Music Festival was founded, and is maintained, with the intention of bridging gaps within the community, using music as the footpath and the grace and love of Christ as the supports. We are non-denominational, non-traditional, and non-judgmental. Our hope is that people of all walks of life would feel welcome, enjoy some awesome music with a professional show, and meet incredible people in the process in a totally family friendly environment while gaining connection with community resources and other community members. We’re all in this life together. Come have a blast with us. See you there!

Saturday, June 25th, 2022 will mark our sixth live year and we are excited to see where God will lead us.  2022 will feature: 3 MUSIC STAGES, a CHILDREN'S ADVENTURE AREA Sponsored and run by the Virginia Drop-In Daycare and Miles Stones Daycare. an RPG/GAMING AREA Sponsored and run by Rangers and Dragons and Runes and Relics, WHEELS CLASSIC CAR SHOW, a HOLEY BOARD TOURNAMENT, SEVERAL FOOD VENDORS, OVER 30 PRODUCT AND CRAFT VENDORS, SEVERAL COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION BOOTHS, ON SITE FIRST AID, BRIDGE CITY MUSIC FESTIVAL INFOMRATION BOOTH, AND MORE!


Chris Mammenga

Planning Committee Chair

Chris serves in multiple positions and is an integral part of Bridge City Music Festival.

Roles: Committee Chair, Stage Manager

Mike Tifft

Planning Committee Vice Chair

Like Chris, Mike also serves as a very important cog in the network of Bridge City Music Festival. 

Roles: Planning Committee Vice Chair, On Call Clergy

Martha Tifft

Planning Committee Treasurer

Martha serves as committee treasurer, a tough spot to fill, and she rules this role going above and beyond to make sure all finances are in order and sound! She manages all incoming donations and fund accounts as well as compiles financial reports for the team to review.

Roles: Committee Treasurer, Finance and Donations Manager

Lana Morrow

Planning Committee Secretary

Lana serves as committee secretary alongside several other hats she wears within the realm of Bridge City Music Festival.

Roles: Committee Secretary, Vendor Manager, Stage Planning Assistant, Event Coordination, Website Editor

Kate Wagenbach

Vendor Assistant

Kate has been such a breath of fresh air! She came on the committee in 2022 and has proven herself irreplacable! Her official title may be Vendor Assistant but she has taken on much more and really had everyone's backs! 

Roles: Vendor Assistant, Website Editor, Event Coordinator